Introduction to Return to Work Coordination - 2 Days

IOH trainers are specialist Regulator approved trainers delivering both the Introduction to RTW and Advanced RTW courses. They are injury management professionals and have extensive and broad experience in workers compensation with a working knowledge of

State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), Seacare and Comcare Legislation. They continue to case manage injury management cases and achieve durable return to work outcomes.

Where possible our courses incorporate guest speakers such as Doctors, Psychologists and/or experienced RTW Coordinators who come along to share their insight and knowledge with participants. Additionally online short videos are incorporated to help put theory into practice.

Who is a RTW Coordinator?

A return to work coordinator is an employee nominated by an employer (or a contractor engaged for the role) whose principal purpose is to assist injured workers remain at or to return to work in a safe and durable manner. The return to work coordinator ensures the policy and procedures in an employer’s return to work program are followed.

Does our business have to have a RTW Coordinator?

Under workers compensation law, category one employers (i.e. employers whose basic tariff premium exceeds $50 000 annually as well as self-insurers, and employers who are insured by a specialised insurer and employ more than 20 workers) must have a return to work coordinator.

The “Guidelines for workplace return to work programs” are made under section 52 of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998. They commenced on 1 Jan 2011. Page 24 states that every Category 1 employer must designate a RTW coordinator who must attend Regulator approved training. They must hold a certificate for the two day course 'Introduction to return to work coordination'.

It is a requirement under NSW Workers Compensation and Injury Management legislation for Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU’s) to have in place a Return To Work Program consistent with State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) guidelines. For many this means having a Return To Work Coordinator who has completed the Introduction to Return To Work Coordination course, delivered by a Regulator Approved Trainer.

Course Details

Session One: Overview of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation System

  • Obligations of key stakeholders
  • Steps in injury management

Session Two: Role of the RTW Coordinator

  • Duties and skills
  • Communication
  • The initial interview
  • Confidentiality
  • Administration

Session Three: Working With Key Players

  • Doctors in the Workers Compensation System
  • Working with the nominated treating doctor
  • Approved workplace rehabilitation providers
  • State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) vocational rehabilitation programs

  • Treatment providers
  • State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA)

Session Four: Role of the Insurer
  • Case management: Claims and injury management
  • Work capacity assessments and decisions
  • Premium calculation

Session Five: Putting Theory into Practice

  • A coordinator’s experience
  • Online short videos
  • Case study facilitated discussion (if time)

Course Outline Day Two

Session Six: Components of a Workplace RTW Program

  • Employer Obligations
  • Establishing a RTW Program

Session Seven: Developing a RTW Plan

  • Organising suitable work
  • Case studies

Session Eight (A)

  • Injured Worker Entitlements

Session Eight (B)

  • Injured Worker Entitlements for Exempt Workers and Transition Period

Session Nine

  • Dispute Prevention and Resolution

Session Ten

  • What's Next?


Course fee includes course materials, refreshments, morning tea and lunch each day. Free off street parking is available.


Training is delivered face to face over two days by experienced Regulator Approved Trainers who have sound experience in the Workers Compensation System.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded with a Regulator Certificate 

Further Information

IOH also offer the Advanced Return to Work (RTW) Coordination course.