Ergonomic Essentials: Workstation Setup/Posture and Stretching

The Ergonomic Essentials: Workstation Setup/Posture and Stretching is a practical training course with a focus on correct posture and ergonomics to help prevent potential injury in the workplace. The correct posture and setup of the workstation is essential in all industries. Effective warm-up and stretching are useful pre-task to ensure the body is ready for work. Movement and stretching exercises throughout the day are important as many workers now have highly static and sedentary jobs. This training is delivered by an experienced Occupational Therapist.


2 or 4 hours


$150.00 or $295.00 per person (GST free)

Ergonomic Essentials: Workstation Setup/Posture and Stretching Course Details

Posture Awareness
  • Good vs Bad Posture - short and long term effects on our health and wellbeing
  • Education on basic anatomy related to posture both static and dynamic, can be customised to your workplace

Dynamic & Static Stretching Protocols

  • The benefits of daily stretching to improve wellbeing and performance
  • Participants will perform the recommended stretches and feel the benefits under the therapists supervision

Warm Up Protocols

  • Participants will perform warm up activities, can be tailored to the duties within your workplace

Application of Good Posture and Exercise within the workplace

  • Participants will apply principals of good posture, warm up and stretching related to their individual work situations

Core Muscle Principles

  • Education on the important part our core muscles play in preventing injury
  • Application of muscle core principles to manual handling situations

Posture and Stretching Techniques – DVD
Workstation Ergonomics

  • Education on appropriate workstation set up including recommended positioning of keyboard, mouse, chair and desk items etc.


Training is delivered face to face.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded with a Statement of Attendance.