Advanced Return To Work Coordination

The Advanced Return to Work Coordination course provides a follow-up to the Introduction to Return To Work Coordination course for Return To Work Coordinators with a minimum of 6 months experience, to focus on the issues which impact on the successful return to work of injured workers.

IOH trainers are specialist State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) approved trainers in NSW delivering both the Introduction to RTW and Advanced RTW courses. They are injury management professionals and have extensive and broad experience in workers compensation with a working knowledge of State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), Seacare and Comcare Legislation. They continue to case manage injury management cases and achieve durable return to work outcomes.

Where possible online short videos are incorporated to help put theory into practice.

Participants will gain an understanding of how to deal with complex cases using negotiation and strategic case management approaches. Learn to manage disputed claims and identify options for permanently partially impaired workers.

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Advanced Return to Work Coordination Course Details

Session One – Managing Complex Cases – The Suitable Duties Dilemma

  • Current legal requirements.
  • The role of key players in the NSW Scheme.
  • Case study.

Session Two – Strategic Case Management

  • Factors which make cases complex.
  • Strategic case management – aligning claims, provider, RTW and treatment strategies.
  • The injury recovery guide.
  • “Flags” for case management decisions.

Session Three – Managing Complex Cases – the Disputed Claim

  • Life cycle of a claim.
  • The roles of key players in dispute management.
  • Dispute strategies.
  • Case Study Two.

Session Four - Negotiation

  • Negotiation techniques.
  • “Mapping” a case management discussion.
  • Case Study Three.

Session Five – Options for Permanently Partially Impaired Workers

  • Strategies for permanently partially impaired workers.
  • The team approach.
  • Choices of strategies for individual cases.

Session Six - Summary & Course Evaluation


Course fee includes course materials, refreshments, morning tea and lunch. Free off street parking is available.


Training is delivered face to face.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded with a Certificate.