WHS Management System Audits

IOH has qualified WHS Management System (WHSMS) Auditors experienced across a wide range of industries. We specialise in:

  • AS4801 Audits (desktop or full) and

  • Work Health and Safety Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines 5th Edition

Work Health and Safety Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines 5th Edition

A WHSMS Audit independently examines your WHS Management System to determine compliance to defined criteria. An audit will determine whether you have an effective WHS Management System in place to control and manage WHS issues.

Many organisations require an WHSMS Audit when they need to provide assurance to businesses they are proposing to do work with/tender for work. Others have their WHS Management System audited as a best practice measure.

All NSW government construction projects with a contract value of $1m need an accredited WHS management system that is consistent with the WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines (5th Edition), a key element of the Procurement Policy Frameworks of the NSW Government. These requirements apply for tenders invited from 1 Oct 2013 and subsequent contracts.

During a WHSMS Audit, the auditor will review your company’s WHS policies and procedures, as well as assess the effectiveness of such procedures. Part of the audit includes a ‘desktop’ review of the required paperwork, with time also allocated to interview key persons in the business such as your WHS Manager. The WHSMS Audit also encompasses a workplace inspection where the auditor will identify hazards, conduct risk assessments and make suggestions to improve the overall management of WHS.

A thorough report of the WHSMS Audit findings is then provided, which becomes a valuable review tool for both management and the Health and Safety Representative (HSR) or Committee, as they work towards becoming further compliant.

A WHS Management System Audit evaluates the effectiveness of the WHSMS and the need for changes in light of:

  • changing legislation
  • changing expectations and requirements of interested parties
  • changes in the products or activities of the organisation
  • changes to the structure of the organisation
  • advances in science and technology
  • lessons learned form WHS incidents
  • reporting and communication
  • employee and worker feedback

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