Vocational Assessments

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Many workers have done the same job for many years before injury prohibits them from returning to that employment. This can be an extremely daunting experience. Vocational Assessments are conducted to assist a worker to identify new and appropriate work opportunities to match their physical capabilities and skills.

A Vocational Assessment may include:

  • tests to determine a person's interests and abilities that are then matched to job profiles;
  • relevant aspects of the person's life history including work, education and hobbies;
  • tasks to assist in identifying interests and attitudes;
  • an investigation of retraining options;
  • an investigation of the current labour market to determine opportunities.

Helping Injured Workers Find New Vocations

The Vocational Assessment will result in a comprehensive report, which outlines the vocational options, retraining needs and a labour market analysis. A Vocational Assessment can be a useful tool to focus individuals on setting vocational goals and highlighting potential job options.

Vocational Assessments are commonly used for injured workers who require New Employer Return to Work services due to an inability to return to pre-injury employment.

For more information please contact your local IOH branch.