Return to Work

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It is well recognised that a prompt return to work assists promote recovery. Rehabilitation is the process of facilitating an injured workers return to work by liaising between the treating professionals, the employer and the managing agent. The workplace rehabilitation provider (WRP) assists in identifying employment opportunities, beginning with suitable duties, which the worker can conduct during recovery. These duties allow the worker to continue to contribute to the business and stay engaged with fellow workers. Where injury prevents a worker from returning to their preinjury role IOH is well equipped to assist with redeployment. 

IOH Return to Work Rehabilitation has a clear focus on identifying goals and using our exprience to identify and mitigate common barriers. IOH consultants understand their role as a facilitator of the return to work process and will communicate clearly with all stakeholders (the worker, employer, treating doctor, scheme agent, etc) to develop a clear action plan. If any new barriers are identified IOH will ensure stakeholders are kept informed so changes to the plan receive the collaborative input that will achieve strong outcomes.

Our experienced professionals have excellent knowledge of rehabilitation strategies and options, workplace issues, procedures and legislation. Each IOH consultant has a specialist expertise, such as physical therapy, stress management, job placement or counselling.

All rehabilitation cases managed by IOH undergo a structure Proactive File Reviewsquality assurance program that utilises key trigger points for peer, team and quality reviews. These reviews allow a fresh set of eyes to review the case ensuring IOH utilise the expertise and experience of the team on every case. Reviews also ensure that IOH managed cases are proactively driven by IOH consultants, and that consultants are exposed to the widest array of cases and barriers to learn and grow.

Please contact your local branch to discuss how IOH can assist.