Injury Management Support Services

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How many times have you had difficulty in managing an injured worker and getting them back to work quickly after a workplace injury?

How often have you had trouble in getting information from a GP who is providing the treatment to your injured worker – and slowing down the whole return to work process as a result?

IOH can now assist you with a new service that provides expert assistance to the employer to help with the management of work place injuries.

IOH’s Injury Management Support Services provides the knowledge and expertise developed over 21 years of working with work injuries and in the workers compensation arena. Our experienced consultants work with the employer to ensure that everything is being done to proactively manage the injury, and at the same time assisting the insurer in managing the claim to effect a successful return to work.

For more information on this service, please contact IOH Rehabilitation Services and we would be happy to arrange a time to meet with you.