Functional Assessments

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A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) or Functional Assessment is an assessment conducted under controlled conditions where a person's speed, strength, endurance and mobility are assessed. The information gained during the Functional Testing can then be related to the demands of related workplace tasks and performance standards.

IOH provide Functional Assessments as part of Return to Work from injury, but also as a preventative service to assess a prospective worker's risk profile before a role is offered.

The functional test data is used to make a professional interpretation of the functional capacity and safe working limits of the person. This can be used to identify persons at higher risk of injury in certain roles or better identify capacities during the return to work process.

During the Functional Assessment the experienced professional may also identify techniques or work practices that can be changed to reduce incidence of injury.

WorkHab FCEWorkHab - Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

IOH has consultants accredited to conduct functionals utilising the WorkHab FCE system.

The WorkHab FCE is an internationally recognised evaluation tool that enables a licensed evaluator to objectively measure, determine and report on the functional abilities of an individual in both the home and work environment.

The evaluation protocols within WorkHab’s FCE System have been validated in peer reviewed literature, and the entire protocol has been independently tested with the worker population and has been shown as significantly reliable. This validity demonstrates a robust and reliable evaluation tool, which makes WorkHab FCE a favoured choice of many insurers and assessing bodies.

Jobfit Systems - Preemployment Functional Assessments (PEFAs)JobFit System

IOH has consultants accredited to conduct JobFit Systems PEFAs.

The JobFit PEFA System was developed as a direct result of industry’s need for a simple, effective and reliable method of recording the key physical requirements of tasks and safely matching these with the functional abilities of workers with minimal duplication of information and services. JobFit System has been developed by a team of industry and technology professionals lead by a registered physiotherapist and ergonomist experienced in occupational rehabilitation and injury prevention.