Psychology Services

Psychological Risk Assessments

Where there is some evidence of workplace issues that may lead to a psychological claim - such as bullying, Psychological Risk Assessments can be conducted in conjunction with management and staff to identify the policies, practices and resources required to resolve current problems and prevent future ones. If desired, IOH can follow through with the development, implementation and monitoring of these strategies to ensure the workplace obtains maximum benefits.

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IOH also provides Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services, where workers can receive anonymous company sponsored treatment.


Stress Audits

Psychologists work with management and staff to identify sources of stress - stressors - within a workplace. In consultation with the workplace, the psychologists can develop training programs to address issues before stress impacts on the team dynamics. They can also review the company's policies and procedures to ensure that identified stressors are managed appropriately.

Circumstances in which stress audits prove effective include: ongoing conflict (with other workers, or customers), major organisational change (such as restructuring and implementation of new quality systems), and high risk environments (eg. where armed holdups or assaults are a risk factor.

Individual Stress Assessments

Individual Stress Assessments are used by employers and insurers in the early stages of injury management to assist in the determination of liability and to reduce time lost from work. These assessments include a factual investigation as well as a psychological and occupational stress assessment. Professional recommendations are provided regarding treatment, return to work activities and early intervention strategies. These benefit all parties as the issues are dealt with from the perspective of early intervention leading to improved return to work opportunities.

Neuropsychological Assessments

Neuropsychological Assessments are used to develop management plans following head injury and brain function impairment.

Vocational Assessment Tools

Vocational Assessment Tools can be offered for assessing personality, abilities and suitability for particular duties and/or occupations. The results of these professional tests can provide invaluable guidelines when considering employment of new staff, redeployment, identification of suitable duties after injury and other staff movements.