IOH have a team of highly skilled psychologists, who provide a range of services that assist in assessing and treating psychological injuries and illness.


IOH Psychologists are able to provide psychological assessment and ongoing therapeutic counselling to assist individuals who may have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety or who are suffering after a recent traumatic event. Psychologists can also assist with Disability and Adjustment Counselling, Anger Management and Relationship Issues.

Other Services Include:

Conflict Resolution - to resolve intractable differences between staff. The goal of conflict resolution is to facilitate effective communication within a team, thus increasing morale and productivity and decreasing time lost from work due to stress. As part of the conflict resolution services, we are able to provide Mediation services by trained practitioners.

Staff Counselling Service - allowing staff to confidentially utilise counselling services to resolve problems (whether personal or work). This approach is used by most large and many smaller businesses to maximise productivity, morale and staff loyalty.

Staff Development Programmes - as specified in conjunction with employers. These are designed to address widespread staff needs such as handling stress, communication, time management, conflict resolution, assertiveness, team development and dealing with difficult clients.

Early Prevention of Chronic Pain - addresses the problems associated with long-term sufferers of chronic pain and this barrier to return to work.

For more information on IOH Psychological Services, contact IOH Psychological Services