IOH Wollongong offers medical treatment for injuries. IOH doctors work almost exclusively on assessing the fitness of individuals or treating injuries, with 90% of injuries being work related. This means the IOH team, doctors, nurses and administration, are clear on the workplace injury management process and your Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements under NSW and federal legislation.

IOH Medical Services do not deal with common illnesses, such as colds and flus, meaning there is a vastly reduced risk of picking up a bug from another patient.

Casualty treatment services are available for acute injuries direct from the work site. Please ensure you call so preparations can be made for your arrival. IOH can arrange prompt specialist referrals, radiology or pathology services to ensure reduced time away from work.

IOH doctors have a solid understanding of the cost of lost time injuries (LTIs) and are focused on identifying the capabilities of an injured worker. A well managed, prompt return to work has been proven to provide reduced recovery times. This leads to better well-being of the worker and also that of the team.  

Casualty services include: 

  • suturing, 
  • wound care,
  • eye injury treatment, 
  • plaster & fibreglass casting.

IOH doctors also have access to in house physiotherapy for quick referral for treatment of strain and sprain injuries. This access allows for greater collaboration and communication, which aids in recovery of injury.