IOH offers medical & associated treatment services throughout NSW and have offered specialist assistance to projects Australia wide. Our original and biggest clinic is located in Wollongong, and the expertise developed there has pushed out to provide a strength and quality in services at other IOH locations.

IOH Medical and other treatment staff are all trained and experienced in the prevention, assessment and treatment of workplace injuries. They work within multidisciplinary teams to provide the most effective and efficient services.

SIRA Certificate of Fitness/Certificate of Capacity is now in use for both Motor Accidents and Workers Insurance. IOH Doctors are focused on the treatment of physical and psychological injuries, understanding Recover at Work and committed to the Health Benefits of Work. We understand the financial and emotional burdens faced by the worker and their employer, and will ensure the right treatment and recovery plan is in place to maximise the workers fitness for work in a safe and timely manner. 

The information for Workers Insurance cases is the same, but the form is updated to allow for support of the new Motor Accident Authority CTP scheme focus on Recover at Work.