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Service Guidelines - Infection control

Due to our high number of at-risk clients, IOH has implemented an isolation policy for any staff exhibiting signs of Cold and Flu. As our health facilities do not deal in communicable diseases we must unfortunately insist any clients and visitors to IOH sites or clients we are visiting elsewhere are not symptomatic or been classified as requiring quarantine. 

NSW Health recommends that anyone with respiratory symptoms or unexplained fever should be tested for COVID-19. Whilst awaiting test results the person should be self-isolated, thus IOH staff will not be permitted to return to face-to-face work until results are returned as negative. Thank you for your understanding if rescheduling of your service is required.

There will be an extended response time for this event and so IOH is working carefully to ensure services do not experience cancellation or excessive delay where possible. IOH is also working with our service partners and jurisdictions to implement telehealth services where clients are symptomatic or in quarantine, or where we deem services as appropriate for at-risk clients. Some telehealth services require third party authorisation, so please respect there may be delays.

Who should I contact if I have concerns?

If you are currently receiving or involved with workplace rehabilitation or NDIS services from IOH your first port of call should be the consultant in charge of that case. 

For treatment, training, and other services please contact the respective administration teams.

If unsure please contact info@ioh.net or call 1800 811 169 to be directed to the appropriate information or person. We appreciate your patience as we experience a higher volume of requests.

Covid-19 Response

IOH is prepared for an extended response time to COVID-19, implementing appropriate measures to ensure our clients and staff are protected (especially at-risk clients), whilst ensuring services are delivered in an appropriate manner. It is clear that a risk  approach is required to ensure our clients are not adversely restricted from accessing the services they require.  Letter from the Managing Director.

Recommended validated sources of information

NSW Health - Infectious Disease - Coronavirus
NSW Health - Resources - Coronavirus
NSW Health - Influenza Pandemic Plan


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