Ergonomic Assessments

What is an Ergonomic Risk Assessment?

An ergonomic risk assessment aims to assess, identify and eliminate hazards and risks associated with the ergonomics of an individual’s workstation. A workstation may be a desk for an office worker, but may include benches for process workers or the driver's seat in a work vehicle.

The assessment looks at the individual’s workstation set up, their job requirements and their anthropometrics. With this information, the assessor is able to implement control measures (e.g. functional education and/or equipment) to promote safe working postures according to ergonomic principles.

Benefits of IOH Ergonomic Risk Assessments

Each individual is provided with customised guides to ensure their workstation is ergonomically optimised. 

All assessments are conducted by experienced Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists

Outcomes you can Expect

Injuries from poor ergonomics are often slow acting and symptoms increasing over time. These injuries can often be difficult to treat requiring retraining of muscles and posture. Correct workstation setup and ergonomic management is essential in reducing the risk of these types of injury.

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