Major change to NSW Workers Insurance
Date: 27 February 2018

Since 1 January 2018 all new injury claims, except for specific large employers and government entities, will be processed by EML on behalf of iCare. EML has a new triage system with a number of waves of new employees to support the change. These new employees are learning the ropes and so don't rely on them to guide your worker's return to work. You can request to have a rehabilitation provider involved and suggest a rehabilitation provider you trust.

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Why ask for IOH?

IOH was awarded the inaugural iCare award for Customer Excellence based on feedback from all stakeholders (including workers, employers, case managers and doctors). IOH Rehabilitation work in experienced teams with systems and processes to ensure high quality services and the best chance of a return to work.

Why use a Rehabilitation Provider?

A Rehabilitation Provider is the on the ground person driving a return to work when barriers exist. The rehabilitation consultant will develop a Recover at Work Plan to give a single direction and goal for the stakeholders, liaise with all parties ensuring they work towards the goal, and ensure all decisions are made with the best information. This all leads to shorter timeframes to return to pre-injury work and more durable long term outcomes.

The IOH Team at iCare Awards 2017