Does investment in injury prevention pay off?

IOH has seen a marked increase in the use of pre-employment functional assessments by employers with workers in physically demanding roles, but does this investment in weeding out high risk workers pay off?

Research by the Occupational and Physical Therapy Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago indicates the answer is Yes.

From 1 March 1998 to 28 February 2001, 712 screens were completed. The data tabulated over three years on workplace injuries indicate that there was a dramatic decline in not only the number of injuries in the screened population, but also in the cost per case when injury occurred. This study identified that this was consistent with existing literature. The study highlights that profound cost savings were experienced even without considering the opportunity costs of losing a worker or costs associated with inducting a replacement worker.

IOH is currently implementing functional evaluation programs with industry leaders from Healthcare, Transport and Logistics, and Manufacturing and would be delighted to discuss how we can add value to your workplace safety program.