Profit with IOH as a Business Associate

IOH is offering opportunities for regional operators to establish businesses under the IOH name. This allows small business operators to benefit from IOH's solid industry experience and organisational strength (marketing, networking, administration, information systems, ...) while still keeping the rewards from their own business development activities.

The People we seek

You have gained considerable experience in the workers compensation system, working with rehabilitation providers, OHS providers, insurers &/or WorkCover.

You are now looking to take control of your own future by building your own business in an industry you know - a business which makes a real difference to people's lives.

You are keen to access IOH's expertise, accreditations, training, information and systems to help you establish your own successful business in an exclusive marketing territory.

The IOH Offer

Marketing the IOH Brand

IOH has developed significant brand awareness since 1984 and will continue to increase brand awareness nationally, utilising media, a high quality lead generating website, monthly newsletter and other tools.

IOH Management Systems

By being part of the IOH network, Associates have access to the IOH management Quality ISO 9001systems that have been developed over years, and which meet the quality levels and standards demanded by ISO 9001:2015 International Standards certification.

These systems allow us to efficiently manage a number of WorkCover accredited offices in NSW and corporate Comcare accreditation.

Our management systems support a team of over 100 people - employed and contracted, comprising administrative staff, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, rehabilitation counsellors, psychologists, exercise physiologists, and physiotherapists.
In addition to this, Associates will be able to regularly benchmark their business performance against like businesses, have access to ongoing business advice, and be able to attend regular conferences with other Associates allowing them to learn from one another and maximise profitability.


Being accepted as an Associate overcomes many of the normal barriers to establishing a viable business, and it is likely to be easier to subsequently sell a franchised business than an isolated entity.

Whilst the profitability of an IOH Business Associate depends to a large degree on the business acumen and professional skills & attitudes of the individual Associate, lesser degrees of business skills will be compensated for by Associates being trained in the IOH business systems, and by their local marketing being backed up by the collective strength of the IOH brand.

Associates can draw upon the strength and expertise of the IOH organisation as outlined below.


The Market Opportunity:

The demand for occupational health and safety services is growing in response to rising community expectations and consequent government laws and regulations. There is a corresponding increase in demand for expertise in managing work injuries.

Although injury management costs represent only a small proportion of total claims costs, in NSW alone this represents a market of hundreds of millions of dollars. The demand for occupational health and safety services represents another huge market which is rapidly growing.

The current and foreseeable industry demands requires versatile, accredited providers who can achieve the required standards and outcomes. IOH sees a network of associates as being the ideal business strategy to become the most successful and respected provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

IOH Support Team:

IOH has experienced staff who can provide ongoing business and professional support for the Associates. These staff are all responsible for the continued success and development of IOH services to ensure the success of our Associates.

IOH Reach:

IOH provides diverse services across many regions of Australia. This provides the IOH network with the opportunity to be recognised as a provider of choice and leverage the combination of reach, experience and brand to grow the business for the benefit of the entire network.

We service over 3,000 clients ranging from micro businesses to multinationals, and we deliver services in all states of Australia and as far as Japan.

IOH Industry Leaders:

IOH has developed a sound reputation over its many years operating in the workplace injury management and occupational health and safety industry. In a market where trust and credibility are paramount, Associates immediately become part of a respected brand.

IOH Knowledge:

IOH has the latest knowledge in workplace injury management and occupational health and safety. Associates benefit from this by being able to access the most up-to-date information so that they can give accurate and reliable advice.

IOH Network:

Being part of a network increases the chance of success. The knowledge, skills and capabilities of this network provide considerable leverage to each Associate when operating their business day to day. The network is a key differentiating factor in so far as it provides Associates the opportunity to belong to a team of people who share the same passion and vision for the industry.


Address all enquiries to:
James Hogg, Managing Director, IOH Head Office